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Plastic Shredder Description:

Model:WT series
WT series plastic shredder can be used for the recovery and utilization of HDPE, PP-R, PVC, ABS, and other plastic pipes, profiles and pipes, profiles of head material, and waste. After years of research and development by our company, we have improved our technology and made breakthroughs in innovation. The new generation of plastic shredder developed has greatly improved the working efficiency. The tool is quenched with imported alloy material. Improve the hardness of the blade surface to enhance the life of the tool. The cutter head adopts a square square arc structure design to promote the contact area between the cutter and the raw material, and can be recycled, greatly improving the service life of the cutter head. The material shredded by the single-axis shredder is between 5 and 12cm in size, and then it is crushed by the secondary conveyor and the crusher. The granulation requirements can be achieved and the granulation can be directly produced.

Plastic Shredder Introduction:

Plastic steel shredder consists of motor, hardened surface reducer, rotary cutter shaft, imported movable knife, fixed knife, frame, base, box, hydraulic cylinder, oil pump, cylinder, work platform and other major structures.
Plastic steel shredding machine is equipped with a detachable embedded movable knife on the rotary cutter shaft. The number of movable cutters is determined according to different models and the size of the rotary cutter shaft. The movable cutter is a four-cornered tool that can be used, and is replaced with a blunt rear one. Angle, until the four sides are blunt and then sharpen the knife, because it is a claw-type movable knife, rotary cutting, and fixed knife and moving knife is imported SKD11 material, after heat treatment hardness of HRC60 ° or more, so long life, cutting ability Strong, high productivity, the normal use of more than 1,000 tons only need to sharpen.
When the shredder is working, the material is propelled by a hydraulic cylinder and is equipped with a clamping device. Using Siemens programming control system, can be automatically controlled, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function, with low speed, high torque, low noise and so on.

Application of Plastic Shredder

  • Industrial wasteIndustrial waste


  • SHREDDER ROTORROTOR: Various rotor configurations available for processing a wide range of materials. Blades are made from hardened DC53 steel, the blades can be turned 4 times before changing.
  • SHREDDER GEARBOXGEARBOX: Water cooled gearbox guards against overloading. Hardened teeth on the reducer.
  • SHREDDER SHOCK ABSORBESHOCK ABSORBE: Absorbs vibrations caused by the shredding of the material. This protects the machine and its various parts from damage.
  • SHREDDER BEARING SEATBEARING SEAT: Protective bearing covers to avoid foreign contamination entering the bearing housing. Grease points to release oil at intervals to increase service life.
  • SHREDDER CECE CERTIFIED: Safety devices in line with European CE Certification.
  • SHREDDER RAMRAM: The hydraulic ram pushes material against the rotor.
  • SHREDDER SCREENSCREEN: Various screen sizes.
  • SHREDDER HYDRAULIC STATIONHYDRAULIC STATION: The ram pressure and timing can be adjusted to suit different materials. From WT40 series and above the machine can be fitted with wind cooled two-speed pump.
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